BC fees applicable to all BC registered courses.

All participants attending BC registered courses at the Symposium will be liable to pay a new BC provider fee that the Symposium has not added into participant attendance costs - This will be in addition to any certification fee additionally required.

The fee is an additional £10 per leadership / personal skills courses and £20 per Coaching courses. We are not able to clarify the position of overseas students at this stage and hence will be charged at UK fees.

Certification fees vary depending upon course and whether the student is a BC member and UK resident.

For 2018 you can book indivindual days / course if required. 

There will be day paddles happening every day throughout the week!

Created by Eila Wilkinson

A humorous look at the beautiful world of kayaking dictated by the sentiment and pace of the music. Created by local paddler and photographer Paul Mattock