Duration Day Activity
2 Days Mon & Tues 3 Star Training and Assessment
2 Days Mon & Tues 16hr Aquatic First Aid
2 Days Tues & Weds Core Coach Course
2 Days Tues & Weds Sea Kayak Coach
2 Days Tues & Weds Advanced Water Leader (5 Star Training)
2 Days Tues & Weds Moderate Water Award (Coaching)
2 Days Thurs & Fri Sea Kayak Coach Training
2 Days Thurs & Fri Moderate Water Leader Award (4 Star Ass)
2 Days Thurs & Fri Advanced Water Leader Award (5 Star Ass)
All Day Thurs & Fri Advanced Water (Coaching)



  • Please ensure you have the correct pre-requisites for the course you wish to attend.
  • All symposium members should bring packed lunches.
  • The day could comprise of both theory and practical sessions, but the emphasis is on practical sessions.
  • Each session is an all day activity that runs on both Saturday and Sunday unless specifically stated.
  • Any coach has the right to ask a Symposium member to leave the session if personal skills are not at a
    suitable level
  • Please ensure your name is on the activity sign-up sheet which can be found in the Symposium reception
  • Please inform your coach of any medical conditions that may affect you whilst on a course
  • Every effort is made to cater for you preferences however we are limited to a student/coach ratio